Richard Heller Gallery


Corey Arnold - Wake and Sea, 2015
Corey Arnold
Firelei BŠez - Can I Pass?  Introducing the paper bag to the fan test for the Month of February, 2011
Firelei BŠez
Devendra Banhart - Sun Sack for the Nut Moth, 2008
Devendra Banhart
Amy Bennett - Aftermath, 2013
Amy Bennett
Ernesto Caivano - Company Stump, 2009
Ernesto Caivano
Marcel Dzama - Fearful Lineup, 2004
Marcel Dzama
Neil Farber - Class of 2010, 2009
Neil Farber
Ryan Foster - Sneezing Sunset (Smiling Landscape) 2013
Ryan Foster
Hope Gangloff - Clothes Swap / Brooklyn, 2008
Hope Gangloff
Michelle Grabner - Untitled, 2010
Michelle Grabner
David Jien - Collector, Two Lesser Birds of Paradise and 196 Gold Objects, 2015
David Jien
Hideaki Kawashima - head, 2014
Hideaki Kawashima
Matt Mignanelli - Accomplice I and II, 2014
Matt Mignanelli
Brendan Monroe - Bend, 2013
Brendan Monroe
Sasha Pierce - Starry Night II, 2015
Sasha Pierce
Paco Pomet - The Tempest, 2015
Paco Pomet
Vanessa Prager - Angel's Flight
Vanessa Prager
Charlie  Roberts - Summer, 2104
Charlie Roberts
Ryan Schneider - Installation View: "You Are Entering"   September-October, 2015
Ryan Schneider
Zak Smith - Installation View: "Shred" at Richard Heller Gallery
Zak Smith
Max Snow - Untitled, (Falcon), 2014
Max Snow
Yuko Someya - Rabbit on the moon and flower of poppy, 2008
Yuko Someya
Devin Troy Strother - Installation View: "They should've never given you niggas money" 2015
Devin Troy Strother
Dustin Yellin - Untitled no.66, 2015
Dustin Yellin

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