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Ryan Foster & Charlie Roberts
Ryan Foster   Charlie Roberts   
January 9, 2016 - February 13, 2016
Opening Reception: January 9 from 5 - 7 p.m.
Ryan Foster - Flesh Curtain (Smiling Landscape), 2015 Ryan Foster - Frozen Fourth, 2015 Ryan Foster - Sunset Collision, (Smiling Landscape), 2015 Ryan Foster - Mushroom Foot, 2015
Ryan Foster - Second Chance, Long Time Smoke, 2015 Ryan Foster - Second Chance Landscape (featuring upset landscape), 2015
Charlie  Roberts - Wet Lite, 2015 Charlie  Roberts - TBT, 2015 Charlie  Roberts - Alphabet City, 2015 Charlie  Roberts - Kabal, 2015
Charlie  Roberts - Bathers, 2015
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Ryan Foster: Hard Sky

Birmingham, Alabama-based artist Ryan Foster will premiere his newest body of work, "Hard Sky," at Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles on January 9, 2016.  In his second exhibition with Richard Heller Gallery, Foster, a classically trained oil painter, uses the canvas as a stage where curtains and theatrical backdrops are interwoven with former versions of themselves. Foster's beautifully detailed and meticulously painted scenes belie the darker nature of the reality he creates.  All that glistens in this world is not gold.  Bright colors only highlight burgeoning despair, painstaking details suggest futility, and the ubiquitous Hard Sky under which it all unravels leaves the viewer wondering if we are all just wasting our time.

Foster, born in 1984, received his BFA from University of Montevallo, Alabama, in painting and printmaking in 2006 and his MFA from University of South Florida in 2011.  His works have been published in The Tampa Review, New American Paintings and The Oracle, Tampa.

Artist Statement:

"Eventually, even the original paintings are absorbed into the curtain, becoming the backdrop for the next painting - a painting within a painting.  Things get complicated when this process is repeated over and over ad infinitum. You are left with a painting within a painting within a painting, etc. This process is similar to an extremely crude animation with thousands of frames missing in between. Characters stand alongside former versions of themselves. Multiple horizons confuse what is tangible and what isn't.  Representational subjects morph into abstractions of shape, value and color. Repeat this process several times over and you will get an odd assemblage of histories, memories, ghosts and, in this case, multiple horizons on a single canvas.  Like comparing an old photo album to a current Facebook image, it is the ominous passing of time and a foreboding sense of change that makes looking at both images (on the same canvas) more interesting."


Charlie Roberts: Halcyon Daze

Richard Heller Gallery is proud to present, "Halcyon Daze," the fifth Los Angeles solo exhibition for Oslo, Norway-based artist, Charlie Roberts.  In this exhibition Roberts will present a new series of intimate figurative gouache on paper works.

Roberts, born in 1984, attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Canada.  Roberts has exhibited internationally at David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, Galerie Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm, Sweden and Vous Etes Ici in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  In the Summer of 2008, Roberts was included in Sonsbeek 2008: "Grandeur, the 10th international group exhibition of sculpture" in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Roberts' solo museum exhibitions include, "Kunsthal Kade" in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and "Mambo Jambo" at the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas.

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